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شراب كاروب العضوي الأسترالي

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شراب كاروبو الأسترالي العضوي الخروب 33.8fl.oz هو حلو بشكل طبيعي وهو من أعلى مستويات الجودة. يزرع معظم الخروب في جميع أنحاء العالم لجودة البذور وليس القرون والبذور المصنوعة في علكة حبة الجراد هي أكثر ربحية من القرون المصنوعة في مسحوق الخروب. مجموعة CAROBOU الواسعة من منتجات الكاروب الأسترالية مصنوعة من الجيل الجديد من قرون الخروب المزروعة على أشجار الخروب الحلوة التي تم اختيارها بشكل انتقائي لقرونها السميكة والغنية واللمعة - وليس للبذور. شراب الخروب والمساحيق والمنتجات من شركة كاروب الأسترالية هي أحلى في السوق العالمية دون طعم مرير قوي يرتبط عادة مع الخروب الأوروبية أو البحر الأبيض المتوسط. هذا هو الفرق بين الخروب الجيل القديم والجيل الجديد من الخروب الأسترالية. شراب كبيرة لاستخدامها على حبوب الإفطار كبديل للسكر. كما أنها مثالية كطبقة للحلويات والآيس كريم الخالي من الألبان.

It was carob pods – rather than locusts grasshopper that sustained John the Baptist while he lived in the wilderness preparing the way for the Messiah. Ceratonia siliqua, commonly known as the carob tree (from Arabic خَرُّوبٌ kharrūb and Hebrew חרוב haruv), St. John's-bread, or locust bean or simply locust-tree, is a species of flowering evergreen shrub or tree in the pea family, Fabaceae. It is widely cultivated for its edible pods, and as an ornamental tree in gardens. The ripe, dried pod is often ground into carob powder, which is used to replace cocoa-cacao powder. 

Australian certified organic carobs contain vitamins, minerals and are healthy alternative to most snack foods. Carobs are beneficial as they:

  • Contain tannins that are rich in gallic acid

  • Contains D-Pinitol 

  • Rich in insoluble fibre

  • Good source of vitamin E

  • Contain Thiamin (vitamin B), Riboflavin (vitamin B2), Niacin (vitamin A), alpha-tocopherol, and ergocalciferol (vitamin D2)

  • Full of antioxidants and phytonutrients

  • High in potassium and magnesium

  • Gluten free

  • Caffeine free

  • Theobromine free 

  • Certified organic with no chemicals or preservatives.

  • Have 2-3 times the amount of calcium compared to cocoa, cacao

  • Free of a migraine-triggering compound

  • Have been used for stomach ailments and thought to aid in digestion

  • May help in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels

  • Carob has a low Glycemic Index, providing healthy option for conventional, diabetic, and paleo dietary lifestyles.

Australian Certified Organic Carob (65%), water

Customer Reviews

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Veronica Evans

Wow! The absolute best carob bars I’ve ever experienced. Truly superb — took my tastebuds & mind to a new level! Have yet to try the chips & syrup that I also purchased but I’ve no doubt that these products will prove equally exceptional. Other carobs are good but yours is otherworldly. I absolutely mean this! Don’t know how you achieved such a creamy, smooth, rich chocolatey taste. You all need to market your product more. Carob-eaters are really missing out if they don’t try your offerings. And thanks so much for adding 2 free bars to my order so I could sample the others. The mint was DIVINE! (Haven’t tried the plain one yet). And the Banana flavor I ordered was also delicious. Your flavorings do not overpower but perfectly compliment the carob. Don’t usually take time to write reviews but you all really deserve it. Great company! Love 💕 the cute Aussie shark on the packaging. You have made me a loyal customer. Wishing you continued success. (Would live to see more recipes!). Until my next order, take care, Mates!

The best!

I’ve just reordered some carob syrup. I started using it after my naturopathic doctor suggested this specific product to help me enjoy the sense of having a treat without eating chocolate. I prefer the flavor of this over roasted carob products. I use it stirred into almond milk or poured over sliced bananas, even drizzled over a toasted rice cake. So yes, I’m a big fan of the carob syrup.

Carob Powder

We only use Australian sweet carob in our vegan, certified organic, kosher products.

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