CAROBOU is the exclusive partner of The Australian Carob Co.. We only use Australian sweet carob in our vegan, certified organic products. 

The Australian Carob Co. is the leading global supplier of the world’s sweetest premium organic carobs. Ninety-nine percent of the carob around the world is grown for seed quality and not the pods (outer husk). Australian carob pods grown on sweet tree varieties are selectively chosen for their thick, rich, luscious pods — not for the seeds. 

The Australian Carob Co. manufacturing facility only processes organic carob products.  The company has all the equipment necessary to take the carobs from harvest to washing to kibbling to grinding to roasting and packaging, all — custom built and installed right at the farm.

Since 2015, premium Australian Carob Co. sweet organic carob powder has been rapidly selling in the USA and around the world as the premier carob for manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, confectioners, and consumers.