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Carob the new IT food

Loved the chocolate taste! No guilt from too much copper that’s found in dark chocolate. A DAILY necessary treat!


Wow! The absolute best carob bars I’ve ever experienced. Truly superb — took my tastebuds & mind to a new level! Have yet to try the chips & syrup that I also purchased but I’ve no doubt that these products will prove equally exceptional. Other carobs are good but yours is otherworldly. I absolutely mean this! Don’t know how you achieved such a creamy, smooth, rich chocolatey taste. You all need to market your product more. Carob-eaters are really missing out if they don’t try your offerings. And thanks so much for adding 2 free bars to my order so I could sample the others. The mint was DIVINE! (Haven’t tried the plain one yet). And the Banana flavor I ordered was also delicious. Your flavorings do not overpower but perfectly compliment the carob. Don’t usually take time to write reviews but you all really deserve it. Great company! Love 💕 the cute Aussie shark on the packaging. You have made me a loyal customer. Wishing you continued success. (Would live to see more recipes!). Until my next order, take care, Mates!

The BEST carob EVER!

I have never had carob from The Australian Carob Co. This was the best carob I’ve ever had! I would recommend it to anyone that hasn’t tried it. You won’t regret it!!

So glad I went with this brand

Even though they are unsweetened, they still have a slightly sweet taste. I ate them alone and used them in a raw cookie recipe. I enjoyed the chocolate-like flavor without the caffeine. They also have a creamy melt in your mouth feel, which is nice to me.

Pleasant surprise

I gave a 4-star only because I received the wrong item. Originally ordered Raw Carob Powder, but received Roasted Carob Powder. Return policy says no exchanges, so I sent email to return policy email wanting to see how I could still receive my original order. Anyway, I decided not to worry about it and went ahead and tried the Roasted Carob Powder and it was delicious! Used it in a banana smoothie, it was very tasty! One day, I hope to re-order the Raw Carob Powder and give that a try as well.


amazing service

Placed the order, shipped immediately and it arrived in great shape. Thanks for the wonderful service.

Delicious Alternative to Chocolate

Carob was even better than we expected. Nice job!

Tastes like chocolate

These bars are carob at its best. No aftertaste. Great on their own or melts perfectly in my cookie recipe.

Another tasty product!

The unsweetened carob is almost as sweet as these sweetened carob chips. Both are can’t-stop-eating quality. I nibble on them straight or add them to muffins or warm almond milk and ground flax seed to make a pudding. I only wish I didn’t find them sooo tasty.

The best!

I’ve just reordered some carob syrup. I started using it after my naturopathic doctor suggested this specific product to help me enjoy the sense of having a treat without eating chocolate. I prefer the flavor of this over roasted carob products. I use it stirred into almond milk or poured over sliced bananas, even drizzled over a toasted rice cake. So yes, I’m a big fan of the carob syrup.


I’ve been searching for a good chocolate substitute for a while and came across these bars. I bought one bar and tried it. I was surprised how much this carob tastes like chocolate! I bought the bars with almonds in them which I think really enhances the flavor (they remind me of Hershey’s with Almonds). Oh, and I put them in the freezer (like I used to do with regular chocolate) and I don't know what it is about doing that but I think it makes them taste even better! I liked these bars so much that I now bought a whole box of them, plus I bought a bag of the “chocolate chips” to try in cookies. If you’re looking for a good chocolate substitute, give these a shot!

Best carob chips I’ve ever tasted!

I love these chips. I make a batch of carob chip cookies each week, and everyone loves them.

It melts and taste exactly like chocolate

Taste great, nutritious and healthy. No guilty of eating chocolate since it has no refined sugar or caffeine.

As close as chocolate

Taste great, nutritious and healthy. No guilty of eating chocolate since it has no refined sugar or caffeine.

Best Organic Vegan Product

One of the best chocolate that i ever tasted, which isn't a chocolate.