CAROBOU supports cruelty-free products and a plant-based health reforming dietary lifestyle. All of our products are vegan. We believe in the The Eight Laws of Health; nutrition, exercise, water, sunlight, temperance, fresh air, rest, and trust in God. In proper amounts, these 8 practical aspects of life can greatly increase our health. We are dedicated to our farmers and making a positive impact in our communities and the world. We desire to inspire you to have a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Join us as we make the world sweeter, one Aussie bite at a time. 

CAROBOU - OFFICIAL USA IMPORTING PARTNER OF THE AUSTRALIAN CAROB CO. has the world's best quality, best tasting, premium new generation sweet organic carobs. We supply organic raw - roasted carob powders, raw carob kibble nibbles, pure carob syrup, Aussie Sharkbar® and Aussie Carob Chips. We offer bulk carob powder sales to distributors, wholesalers, confectioners, and manufacturers. Our carob products are available here on our website, amazonusa, vitacost.com, and through the following distributors: Azure Standard, Country Life Natural Foods, Garden Spot Foods, KeHE Distributors. 

CAROBOU manufactures organic, vegan, kosher, gluten-free, soy-free, non-gmo, Aussie SharkBar® Aussie Semi-Sweet and Aussie Unsweetened Carob Chips. Aussie SharkBar® is available in six flavors; original, unsweetened, almonds, outback mint, banana creme, unsweetened almonds. Made with USDA certified organic ingredients. Aussie SharkBar® was created for conventional, paleo, and diabetic dietary lifestyles. Made with premium new generation sweet Australian carob powder, our smooth, luscious, "similar to chocolate" Aussie SharkBar® is a fantastic alternative for consumers with chocolate sensitivities. Certified organic Aussie Carob Chips can be used in a variety of your favorite foods or just eat our delicious melt in your mouth carob chips right out of the bag. Tastes similar to chocolate, but not chocolate. Oregon Kosher Certified. Aussie SharkBar® and Aussie Carob Chips are caffeine and theobromine free.