CAROBOU, official United States and Canada importing partner of The Australian Carob Co. has the world's best tasting premium new generation sweet organic carob. CAROBOU supplies organic raw carob powder, roasted carob powder, raw carob kibble nibbles, and pure carob syrup, Aussie carob chips, and Aussie Sharkbar®. We offer bulk carob powder sales to distributors, wholesalers, confectioners, manufacturers. Our carob products are available on our website and through the following distributors: azurestandard, gardenspotfoods, countrylifenaturalfoods, kehedistributors,,

CAROBOU manufactures and distributes certified organic, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, non-gmo Aussie semi-sweet, unsweetened carob chips. Certified organic Aussie carob chips can be used in a variety of your favorite foods or just eat our delicious melt in your mouth carob chips right out of the bag. Caffeine and theobromine free. Tastes similar to chocolate, but not chocolate. Not A Chip Off The Old Block. Semi-sweet Aussie carob chips are made with organic coconut sugar.

AUSSIE SHARKBAR® original, unsweetened, almonds, outback mint, banana creme, unsweetened almonds are made with USDA certified organic, kosher ingredients. AUSSIE SHARKBAR® was created for conventional, paleo, and diabetic dietary lifestyles. Made with premium new generation sweet Australian carob powder.  Caffeine and theobromine free. Our pure, rich, luscious, "similar to chocolate" AUSSIE SHARKBAR® is a fantastic alternative for consumers with chocolate sensitivities. Sharkbars are vegan, gluten-free, soy free, certified organic, and non-gmo. 

The Australian Carob Co., is the leading global supplier of the world’s sweetest tasting organic carobs. Most carob around the world is grown for seed quality and not the pods. CAROBOU'S wide range of Australian carob products are made from carob pods grown on sweet carob trees selectively chosen for their thick, rich, luscious pods — not for the seeds. Old generation carob pods from Europe, Middle East, United States, and Mediterranean orchards are not as sweet and have a bitter flavor. This is the difference between old generation carobs and new generation Australian carobs.   

Since 2015, new generation Australian sweet carob has been rapidly selling in the USA and around the world as the premier carob for manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, confectioners, and consumers. The Australian Carob Co. is the largest commercial organic carob processor in Australia. The company's manufacturing facility only processes carob, which eliminates potential cross-contamination and produces allergy-free products. The company has all the equipment necessary to take the carobs from harvest to washing to kibbling to roasting to grinding and packaging, all - custom built and installed right at the orchard farm.